Flowers That Promote Healthy Sleep and Peace

Houseplants make great roommates. They promote a healthy lifestyle, purify the air, and even their air-cleaning properties keep the room a place positive for resting. Each flower helps in different ways.


This flower is known for:

  •  Reducing stress
  •  Reducing anxiety
  •  Inducing sleep
  •  Fighting insomnia

Chamomile is an herb used in teas, essential oils, and other products to promote relaxation. For best results, keep the flower close to your bed. If desired, use the blooms of the plant to make your own tea and essential oil.


This flower is known for:

  • Sleep inducing effects
  • Promoting uninterrupted sleep

Gardenia are fragrant flowers often found in gardens. The fresh smell that emits from this flower reduces stress and anxiety. Instead of attempting better sleep and relaxation from an aid, place gardenia around the room for a healthier alternative. This flower also makes for great shelf décor.


This flower is known for:

  • Promoting restful sleep
  • Lowering stress levels

Lavender is a popular bedroom plant that creates a relaxing environment. It is used in essential oils as well. The best part of this flower is the beautiful smell is spreads throughout its presence. While it makes for a relaxing room, it also makes for great decoration.

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