Flowers come in all different types of shapes, sizes, and colors. When creating arrangements it’s sometimes easy to get caught up in the beauty of the flowers and forget about the uniqueness that their vases should also hold. I mean, who wants to downplay the awe of an amazing bouquet with a boring vase? We at Eden’s Flower Truck understand the need for distinctive vases to go with your one of a kind bouquet. We would like to showcase what we like to call some of our “unique vessels,” that we offer at Eden’s Botanicals, for your flowers.

Sweet Tooth

These arrangements make the perfect gift for the sweet treat lover in your life. You can choose from Pink Rosé or Champagne flavors! These delicious bouquets are $30 and can be ordered inside Eden’s Botanicals.

A Touch of Desert

Whether your style is boho or you are simply trying to bring more of the desert into your home, this vase is for you. Available in 3 sizes the vase completes any greenery or flower arrangement perfectly. Pop in some sunflowers, lavender, or plant a cactus in the vase. These vases can be found inside Eden’s Botanicals.

Sleeping Beauty

Perfect for your beauty queen. Whether it’s a birthday, Valentine’s day, or any normal day this vase is well suited for bright and colorful arrangements. This vase can be found within Eden’s Botanicals.

Feeling Foxy

Name a better finishing touch to a small bouquet or succulent than this little guy right here. “Flora” the fox vase is excellent for younger children wanting to plant their own seeds, succulents that need a new home, or any small arrangement. This vase can be found inside Eden’s Botanicals and on our website.

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